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White Ayu Tenan Jilbab- Muslim Fashion

White Ayu Tenan Jilbab- Muslim Fashion

It’s also ayu tenan jibab fashion by white collar. It’s not really expensive. we can find in muslim fashion fest or gallery along indonesian market

Gindah Jilbab Veil- Muslim Fashion

She wears Gindah Jilbab that appears as Indonesian Islamic fashion. it’s not really dificult to find in indonesia, because indonesian muslim people already know that it gives safety for the muslim woman.
Muslim fashion, Muslim fashion Festival, Ayu Tenan Jilbab

The Ayu Tenan Indonesian Jilbab-Muslim Fashion

beautiful JilbabThe Ayu Tenan Indonesian Jilbab is as like Aventine Veil in over the world, it’s kind of islamic or muslim fashion that covered the aurah of women or nisa
Key: Busana Muslim, Muslim and Islamic Fashion.
The presentation by German and Germany-based
Turkish designers is organized for Muslim women
and is the first such event in Germany, according
to the culture workshop.

Islamic fashion

A model showcases a creation by designer Tuan Hasnah during the Islamic Fashion Festival at the Malaysia International Fashion Week earlire his month in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Vincent Thian/AP

Islamic Fashion Show

Berlin Islamic Fashion Show
A model presents a wedding dress by Turkish
designer Muhterem Cen during the ‘Walk of
Islam’ fashion show in Berlin.
Back to school fashion, fall fashion, fashion bug, summer fashion

The Islamic Fashion Models

It’s almost springspringspring! And since all fashion around the globe is already getting ready for the season – we hijabifashionistas should as well!
I love this picture (below), and there are many more by this model. I found them all over the net but I don’t know what designer has put them together! Soooo if anyone has any idea, please let me know on one of your comments!!
But until then, let’s go through her outfit!
Buy some brightly colored tops and cardigans – perfect for the upcoming season! Pair them with oblong silky hijabs (they don’t necessarily have to be the color of the cardigan itself, but just have the color incorporated in the hijab in some way – note the yellow leaves in the hijab).
Another season must have — white bottoms. My red tunic outfit couldn’t have been the same without the white trousers and this one works well with the white skirt!
Check out the under hijab-piece! How cute is that? Again, you don’t want to see a whole lot of one color in an outfit – or atleast have it balanced out evenly. For example – if you have a yellow top on, DON’T WEAR A YELLOW HIJAB (puh-leez) and if you’re wearing a green hijab, DON’T WEAR A GREEN HIJAB-UNDER PIECE! (double puh-leez) Instead, use one part of the outfit to tie all other components together – for example, in the very first outfit posted, you’ll notice how the colors in the outfit come from the colors in the tank top – here in the photo above, the colors come from the hijab itself. Other items you could use to tie an outfit together are a multi-colored purse, or a belt, or even shoes.
Note: use pieces to inspire an outfit!

Pink Muslim Dress

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