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Fashion for Winter 2010

Fashion for Winter 2010

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fashionDown-to-earth advice on everything fashionable from runways for Winter 2010.
Over the knee boots
Fashionistas everywhere will be sporting over the knee boots this winter. Erase the image of the cheesy thigh-highs Julia Roberts sported in Pretty Woman, because this boot trend is not leaving anytime soon. Pair them with coats, jeans, leggings, tights, skirts, dresses, rompers, sweaters, and almost anything!
Designers used leather to make wearable, soft, feminine clothing for 2010, a must-have for any trendsetter.
Opaque tights
Goodbye Leggings! Opaque tights are the hottest item this winter, mainly because of its versatility. Colored tights, patterned tights, glittered tights and more all graced the runways this year. Military
The military trend still persists, but this season, it’s become more tailored and ‘British’, rather than goth and dark.
Exotic Elements
Animal prints, tribal prints, feathers and fur were all major staples for designers this winter. They took forms of hair accessories, gloves, scarves, bags, shoes and of course, clothing.
The blazers have gotten bolder moving away from gray and black to brighter colors, textures and patterns. Those who assumed blazers were out, eat your words!
Extravagant embellishments such as lace, brocade, sequins, velvet and others were rampant on the runways for winter. These luxe details made darker colors and muted designs sparkle. Velvet ribbons, glitter sequins, lace detailing were seen on blouses, pants, shoes, bags, scarves, hoods, jackets and more.

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