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Busana Muslim Filendra Update

busana muslim filendra katalog february 2012

Busana Muslim Filendra Update

Has Been Landed, ECCENTRIC SENSE !
Assalamualaykum, readers.. Alhamdulillah,we’re back to announce our new collection, theme “Eccentric Sense”. �A collection that make you even more stunning as a powerful muslimah. �Eccentric means “out of the centre”, the collection rich of eccentric touch in a sweet and beautiful ways of islamic clothing, muslim clothing , busanamuslim. Filendra product is for muslimah now [...]

Assalamualaykum,   hey �I know the euphoria of new year is over, and evryone is started to living their 2012, days! Some Review of FILENDRA journey of 2011, alhamdulillah, we’re getting tight in schedulle of delivering new product every month, and also the trust of the customer that make us until today, we’re really grateful, [...]

Haii, have you read FILENDRA reviewed by misshijabi, here’s the pic, check it out : and surprise surprise…, you have a chance to win free product from filendra, so visit her amazing blog, and grab the gift ^^ Wassalam FILENDRA

Back to December?
Hai assalamualaykum, Alhamdulillah, sudah di penghujung tahun (Masehi), dan sebetulnya sudah di awal tahun hijriyah, sudah sejauh apa pencapaian pribadi kita, apakah sudah membuka buku catatan target hidupnya?, yu kita contreng untuk semua hal yang sudah dicapai dan kita beri tanda yang masih on progress. Telusuri sedikit tahun 2011, tau kan motif garis2 lagi ngetrend [...]

Catch Your Dream
Author : Owner God has given life for me, and its actually more than 25 years. World is changing, laughter of young teenager is different, they’re now, talking and socializing through a sound of :chirp birdie: on their computers, and we can see them sharing their daily life. It’s amazing, who would have tought that [...]

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